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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take A Leap...of Int'l Travel!!

We have been contracted as producers on a number of other people's projects, and in doing so, we have neglected to craft any personal new projects. Should we film another short? How about our first feature? What about the new rage of webisodes? And as alluring as those options could each be as our future project, the one that kept us truly passionate about was the thought of international travel. We went to Rome, Florence, and the French Riviera in May 2009, and our lives have never been the same. We still enjoy our vacations to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, and traveling to the big cities of NYC, Chicago, and LA.  But the thought of leaving our typical American life to enter another country's culture is so exhilarating.  What maybe shocking is that we are African-American females. How could we possibly identify ourselves in the mostly white population of Europe, and our interest to step foot into every continent in the world?

The historical presence of Rome in relation to modern day Christianity was very appealing. If I wasn't of a Protestant faith, I'm sure I would be Catholic. I fell in love with Rome with every images of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus on her lap.  I fell in love with Florence for their beautiful hillside landscape and the Renaissance inspired statute of David.  The country with so much history in a backdrop of ruins was a wonderful place of peace.  I could live here I've said over and over. Or anywhere outside of America.  But can I really?!

I've tried to answer that question over the last three years, and even looked into jobs overseas. But without a sponsored work visa or going back to school on a student visa (learning a foreign language qualifies), I found it to be difficult.  So as the thoughts consumed my mind as to how can I combine my love of travel and filmmaking (within an educator by day salary), a concept took root after reading a number of blogs of African-Americans living overseas and viewing numerous episodes of House Hunter International.  Why not document the stories of African-Americans living abroad? Thereafter..."Take A Leap" was born!!

Sharee Washington
We Connected Productions, LLC Co-Owner 

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